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This Church was established upon the desire to lay aside all denominational differences, return to the Bible and build upon the Rock - Jesus Christ our Lord.

If you like good music and anointed preaching
--this is the place for you!

Welcome to the New Testament Christian Center! It is our desire to minister to your needs and help you discover a deeper relationship with Christ. With so many choices being offered, what separates us from the others?

You will immediately notice that our services are lively as people respond to the Lord with genuine, heartfelt worship. Often visitors tell us how moved they were by the presence of the Lord. The Bible is fervently preached and practically applied to current life situations. You will leave refreshed and blessed!

This Church is built around the concept that each member is part of one big family. Due to the sociological changes that represent our culture, a) many children are not raised with their natural mother and father, and b) our mobile society where most people move on the average of every five years, we provide a safe and secure environment that brings stability to people's lives. Everyone needs a Home where they can be loved, appreciated, held accountable and receive Godly counsel. (See Real Life Issues).

NTCC is a place where worthwhile relationships are built. There are interactive fellowship opportunities. You are encouraged to select and actively participate in an area of service so that your God-given talent brings self-fullfillment and joy to the kingdom of God. Everybody is somebody here!

Finally, we are eager to share with you several Bible studies that can be taught in your home. First, we have a four-lesson Bible study, The Way More Perfectly, for those who desire a quick, Biblical approach to basic doctrine. For those who want more depth, we offer a 13-week Search for Truth course that takes one through the entire Bible.

Welcome to the ORIGINAL Church founded in the Book of Acts!

You are loved, needed, and appreciated. You are important to us!

Timothy C. Mitchell, Pastor